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  • Título: Captain John Smith
  • Autores: Tudor Jenks
  • Publicado: 10 de febrero de 2019
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  • Nº de páginas: 159
  • Idiomas: Español
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  • Valoración: ★★★★★
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Tudor Jenks con Captain John Smith

Famine, disease, and death.The future of the Jamestown looked bleak in the winter of 1608.Many thought it would suffer the same fate as the Roanoke Colony that had been abandoned just over twenty years before.Harsh weather, lack of food and water, the surrounding swampy wilderness, and attacks from local Indians threatened to destroy the colony. Yet, through the leadership of Captain John Smith the colony was able to pull through and survive until it received fresh supplies from English boats.Unhappy with the incompetency of some of his fellow colonists he began to rule with an iron fist and famously stated that "He that will not work, shall not eat".Forging relationships with the local tribes, particularly the Powhatans, he was able to ensure that food could be supplied to his fellow men. But who was this man who saved Jamestown from the brink of destruction?Tudor Jenks provides a brilliant overview of this fascinating man, from his early childhood to his early years at sea, his years fighting in southeastern Europe against the Turks and when he was captured by his enemies, through to his involvement with the Jamestown colony.Jenks draws upon a variety of sources, including Smith’s own A Description of New England, to provide insight into life in Chesapeake Bay in the early seventeenth century. Particularly fascinating is the famous story of the friendship that was formed between Smith and Pocahontas.Captain John Smith is an excellent biography of a remarkable man. It is sure to be of interest to anyone who wishes to learn more of early American history and how Europeans first came to live on these shores.Tudor Jenks was an American author, poet, artist and editor, as well as a journalist and lawyer. He is chiefly remembered for the popular works of fiction and nonfiction he wrote for general readers. His book Captain John Smith was first published in 1904 and he passed away in 1922.
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