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  • Título: The Testament And Other Poems (annotated)
  • Autores: François Villon
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  • Nº de páginas: 134
  • Idiomas: Español
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  • Valoración: ★★★★★
  • País: España
  • Genero: Novela kindle
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François Villon con The Testament And Other Poems (annotated)

François Villon, born in Paris in 1431 and disappeared from view in 1463, is the best known French poet of the late Middle Ages. A ne'er-do-well who was involved in criminal behavior and had multiple encounters with law enforcement authorities, Villon wrote about some of these experiences in his poems.Contents:THE TESTAMENTThe Testament (I-XLI) Ballad of Vanished Ladies Ballad of Vanished Lords Ballad In Old French The Old Lady’s Longing for the Days of Her Youth Ballad of La Belle Heaulmiere to the Daughters of Joy Double Ballad of Good Counsel The Testament (LXV-LXXXIX) Ballad as a Prayer to Our Lady The Testament (XC-XCIII) Ballad of Villon to his Mistress The Testament (XCIV) Lay; or, rather, Rondeau The Testament (XCV-CXXV) Ballad and Prayer The Testament (CXXVI-CXXXIX) Ballad for Robert d’Estouteville The Testament (CXL-CXLI) BalladThe Testament (CXLII-CXLIII) Ballad entitled "Franc-Gontier Refuted" The Testament (CXLIV) Ballad of the Women of ParisThe Testament (CXLV-CL) The Ballad of Villon and Fat Madge The Testament (CLI-CLV) Advice for Children Gone Astray (CLVI-CLVIII)Ballad of Good Doctrine to those of Evil Life The Testament (CLIX-CLXXVII) Epitaph (CLXXVIII) Rondeau I Rondeau IIRondeau III Rondeau IV The Testament (CLXXIX-CLXXXVI) Ballad of Pardon Villon’s Last Ballad OTHER POEMS The Legacy Epitaph in Form of a Ballad The Ballad of the Bridegroom Letter, in Form of a Ballad, to his Friends Ballad against the Enemies of France The Shepherd and the Shepherdess The Dispute of the Heart and Body of François Villon Ballad for the Contest at Blois Ballad of Counter-Truths Question to the Clerk of the Prison Gate - Ballad of Appeal
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